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Wind River Demonstrates Enhanced Networking Performance Using PLATFORM for Network Equipment
Wind River Drives IPv6 and IPSec Adoption--Next Generation PLATFORM CD Meets Continued Customer Demands

CompactPCI/PXI SBC with Pentium 4
Mobile Pentium 4 up to 2.2GHz
CompactPCI system or peripheral slot
PICMG 2.16; Full hot swap; Full PXI support
1GB DRAM; CompactFlash; Graphics
Dual Fast/GigaBit Ethernet
PC•MIP and PMC mezzanine slots.
MEN Micro Elektronik

SBC  (Socket 478) 96M4051o

- for Pentium 4 CPU  - Intel 845 Chipset
- ATI Rage 128 Pro AGP VGA, 16MB
- up to 3 GB RAM - Intel 10/100-Base-T/TX LAN
- PICMG - 338 x 122 mm
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USBIO - Universal USB Device Driver for Windows
USBIO V1.51 is available now.
New in this release:
Support for Windows XP
USBIO COM Interface for easy integration into Visual Basic and Delphi applications
USBIO Light available.
USBIO Light is a free version of the USBIO driver that has functional limitations.
Thesycon GmbH

  Panel IPC - 96M9315

- 15.1" TFT Display
- Intel Pentium III 1 GHz - 128 MB SDRAM
- Intel DVMT 3D VGA, 4 MB
- 10 Base T / 100 Base TX LAN - 20 GB HDD
- CD-ROM 40-fold - WxDxH: 490 x 352 x 252 mm
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3U or 6U CompactPCI/PXI SBC with Tualatin Pentium III
The core of the SBC F7N is the Tualatin Pentium III at 1.26GHz or the Tualatin Celeron at 1.2GHz from Intel's "Embedded Line".
Further features: 512MB DRAM, 1GB Flash, DVI graphics (PanelLink), Gigabit Ethernet, USB. Expansion cards offer additional features such as COM1/2, LPT, mouse, keyboard, 2.5" hard disk on board etc. The F7N runs Windows and Linux and supports the "Embedded BIOS 2000" from General Software.

MEN Micro Elektronik

VHPD1394 - Universal IEEE 1394 Device Driver for Windows
VHPD1394 V1.20 is available now.
New in this release:
Installation Wizard that allows quick and easy installation of the VHPD1394 driver for any IEEE 1394 device. The wizard automatically generates the required setup information (INF) file.
New I/O control operations to enhance the functionality of asynchronous slave mode
New I/O control operation to support asynchronous LOCK transactions
Enhanced and improved documentation
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